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Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula


Making Fatherhood a Possibility

The joy of parenting is an intrinsic need of married couples. However, issues of infertility bogging both or either of them is no less a psychological trauma. In these situations an objective approach to the problem surely paves the way for remedial actions and a CURE.

When Count counts

Infertility in men in most cases is caused by Azoospermia - a condition in which there is no sperm in the semen resultant of testicular abnormalities, hormonal imbalances or blockage in the tissues of reproductive system, though libido and else looks normal.

VAN Ltd.’s VAHNI- a superb and holistic formulation

VAN Ltd.’s VAHNI, is a well documented and best selling product based on classical Ayurveda texts available to tackle azoospermia.

VAHNI acts to metabolically transform the body to aid in correcting seminal deficiencies and restoring its quality. Time tested, safe and 100% effective, VAHNI rejuvenates; revitalizes the body to assist in healthy sperm production and also banish issues of erectile dysfunction if any present.

The wondrous ingredients of VAHNI

Giving a new push to male sexuality…

Manikya Bhasma
It is harnessed to enhance libido and increasing sperm count.
Satavari ( Root)
With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties, its root is a fertile source of natural chemicals useful in curing debility, loss of libido and impotence.
White Musli
A natural aphrodisiac it rejuvenates the reproductive system; effectively controls premature ejaculation, reversing impotency & low sperm count.
Aswhagandha Root
Its adaptogenic properties and intrinsic medicinal chemicals build sexual potency.
Gokshura stimulates testosterone secretion and keeps sexual desire on a high. It curbs erectile dysfunction promoting the flow of blood to the penile tissue and maintain hardness of the organ.
Metals in permissible limits
Augmenting the efficacy of the formulation is the presence of metals like gold harnessed for their therapeutic properties.

VAHNI – Passage to fatherhood

Indication : Helps to cure Azoospermia and erectile dysfunction.

Unit of packing : 30 Tablets

Dosage : One tablet twice a day with water.

Advisable to use only under medical supervision.

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