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When pleasure is derailed

Conjugal bliss and the process of procreation entail healthy reproductive system of both partners to ensure long lasting conjugal harmony. Sometimes the reproductive health of the man takes a setback owing to several reasons. One such condition is Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a malady striking men of all ages. Though traumatic to come to terms with, treating the condition right makes all the difference, for it is amenable to medication.

A tested remedy to the rescue

Kamachudamanirasa is one among the potent medicines formulated and developed by V A N Ltd for resolving problems of erectile dysfunction and associated psychosomatic issues. Administered diligently & imbibed regularly for a prescribed length of time, Kamachudamanirasa reverses the debilitating conditions; bringing about a very positive impact on virility and emotional well being.

Ingredients for results that Stand Out

VAN Ltd’s Kamachudamanirasa is a pure ayurvedic medicine, a potent aphrodisiac formulated with essential ingredients including gold, mixed in measured proportions to root out sexual debilities and eliminate impotency. Free of any side effects it contains:

  • Swarnabhasma
  • Mouktikabhasma
  • Hema Makshikabhasma
  • Japathri (flower)
  • Jatiphal (fruit)
  • Lavang(fl.bud)
  • Vangabhasma (Tin)
  • Rajatabhasma (Silver)
  • Dalchina(bark)
  • Ela (seed)
  • Tejpatra(Leaf)
  • NagaKesara (Fl. bud)
  • Patcha karpur
  • Salamisri (powder)
  • Ikshugandha (seed)
  • Excipients


  • Helps to remove debility and impotency.
  • Helps to increase semen, gives strength and potency for conjugal harmony.
  • Helps to postpone old age factors.

Conjugal Zest on a High

With Kamachudamanirasa in, vigor and vitality is rejuvenated, also improved is the quality of semen, reinforced sexual prowess, heightened libido and total control over premature ejaculation and with absolutely NO side effects.

Unit of packing : 15 & 30 Tablets

Dosage Form : Tablet

Usage : One tablet twice a day with water

KAMACHUDAMANIRASA : Recharging vim, verve and vigor in full measure..for sure

Other Names of the Product:

Kamchudamani Ras, Kamchudamani Ras tablets, kamchudamani ras vati, Brihat Kamchudamani Ras, Vrihat Kamchudamani Ras

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nice medicine its very good i am continuing.

using your products since few years. Very positive results. Thank you

I have used PANCHABANARASA TABLETS, KAMACHUDAMANIRASA TABLETS and Madanakameshwara lehya and this combination of medicines given me effective results.