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Ratnapurusha Lehya

Sooner the better

Sexual disorders in men take a toll on marital relationships. While underlying urino-genital health, personal habits & hygiene are causes, a weak libido, poor sperm quality, spermatorrhea, penile weakness, seminal decay and premature ejaculation compound the frustrating conditions to deal with. Persistently untreated, these conditions also trigger undesirable fallouts such as anxiety, depression and stress aggravating the debilities.

Reach out for comprehensive Cure

Cures are plenty in the market but V A N Ltd’s trusted Ratnapurusha Lehya is the classic panacea for these ills and puts back one on the path of total sexual recovery and renewed life.

A natural product; comprising powerful herbs and aphrodisiacs, Ratnapurusha Lehya helps in replenishing sexual functions in a natural way. Acting primarily on the sexual organs and nerves, Ratnapurusha Lehya vitalizes, energizes leading to regulated functions of the reproductive system with satisfactory results.

100% safe to use and with no contra-indications, Ratnapurusha Lehya has proven to be the befitting cure for spermatorrhea, seminal weakness/ decay, premature ejaculation, night fall etc. Improving the quality of semen; its potency and sperm motility, it’s also an overall rejuvenator, imparting strength & stamina to the body.

The Ingredients that make the difference

Ratnapurusha Lehya comprises assorted ingredients handpicked and processed with care. A collection of select fruit, roots, tubers, seeds, flowers, rhizomes, nuts, bark and leaves go into the making of Ratnapurusha Lehya. Each ingredient is assessed for its healing properties and proportionately absorbed to manufacture a balanced and effective end product.


  • Ratnapurusha (Leaf)
  • Salamisri (Fruit)
  • Aswagandha (Root)
  • Vidari (Rhizome)
  • Ela (Seed)
  • Maricha (Fruit)
  • Musali (Rhizome)
  • Jeera (Fruit)
  • Sounthi (Rhizome)
  • Satavari (Tub. Root)
  • Sariba (Root)
  • Ikshugandha (Seed)
  • Ruma Mastaki
  • Dalchina (Bark)
  • Tejpatra (Leaf)
  • Cuss Cuss (Root)
  • Sopu (Fruit)
  • Sabja (Seed)
  • Maratimogga (Fr. Spike)
  • Badam (Nut)
  • Gokshura (Fruit)
  • Musta (Tuber)
  • Akroot, Pippali (Fruit)
  • Jatipatri (Flower)
  • Gulabi (Flower)
  • Swarnapatri (Leaf)
  • Honey
  • Ghruta
  • Sugar

Ratnapurusha Lehya- your partner in happiness and contentment..

Indication :
  • A unique medicine in ayurveda owned by our company.
  • Helps to cure seminal weakness and seminal decay.
  • A good nervine tonic. It gives muscular strength and nervous potency.
  • Helps to cure spermatorrhoea.
  • Imparts strength to body.
Dosage form : Semi Solid.

Usage : 12g twice a day.

Unit of Packing : 300g, 500 g

    Not suitable for diabetics.
    Other names of the product :

    Ratnapurushalehya, Ratnapurusha Lehya, Ratna Purusha Lehya, Ratnapurusha Lehyam

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