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When nerves ‘get on your nerves’

The nervous system is a network of neurons that transmit signals to different parts of the body. It exists and functions in conjunction to a person’s diet, healthiness and response to external stimuli. Neurological disorders could be quite discomforting condition that can be caused by a wide variety of reasons and it is important to address treatment of the underlying cause. VAN Ltd. has always advocated the maintenance of equilibrium of mind and body to combat illnesses when they strike. In its vast repository of knowledge and therapies, VAN Ltd., emphasizes the role of natural elements in health and how an imbalanced function of the element Vata impairs both physical and mental health.

In the imbalanced state, a chain of reactions are triggered in the body resulting in toxin build up; manifesting in conditions of auto immune responses, nerve root compression, inflammation, sciatica, indigestion, depression, insomnia, hallucination, stress, fatigue, damage to nerve tissue etc., leading to maybe Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and paralysis if neglected. However, remedy is available with VAN Ltd. of an uncompromised quality and efficacy.

An Annihilator at Work

VAN Ltd. unveils Vatagajamkusa the spirited fighter that regulates neural imbalance, ameliorates pain and keeps neurological problems at bay, helping one bounce back to energy and health.

Vatagajamkusa helps strengthen the central nervous system, invigorating the cardio-vascular & circulation systems; sprucing up the digestive system too. Vatagajamkusa is an excellent remedy for Beriberi and brings relief to hemiplegia and paraplegia suffering patients.

The Winning combination

Suddha Parada, Suddha Gandhaka, Vishamushti, Triphala and Trikatuka are the key ingredients that make up the infallible potency of Vatagajamkusa. An excellent herbo-mineral formulation free of any side effects Vatagajamkusa is complemented with the invaluable benefits of VAN Ltd’s expertise placed at your disposal to get everlasting freedom from nervous pain & disorders.

Vatagajamkusa- The beginning of the end of nervous disorders

Ingredients : 1.Suddha Parada, 2.Suddha Gandhaka, 3.Vishamushti, 4.Triphala, 5.Trikatuka.

Indication :

Specific remedy for nervous pains and nervous disorders. Gives strength to the nervous system. Useful in hemiplegia and paraplegia. Cures frequent motions and frequent fever born of indigestion. Cures beriberi also. improves blood flow.

Unit of packing : 40 Tablets.

Dosage :
  • One tablet twice daily.
  • One dose with the juice of ginger mixed with honey or with the decoction of trikatuka twice daily. To be used with decoction of maricha to control motions and fever of indigestion.

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good product

Am a professional by Doctor and used these products. They are better than other branded ayurvedic companies.

i am using so many products from VAN and all are very very very good all r useful.