Swarnabhrakasindura (1g)

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Ingredients : 1. Swarnabhasma 2. Rasa Sindura 3. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa).

Indication :
  • Very useful in chronic phthisis and waste.
  • Gives new life, vigour and vitality.
  • Also useful in asthma, cough, anaemia, jaundice, discharge of semen, Chronic fevers, indigestion, loss of appetite, heart disease, blood bile, Spitting of blood while coughing, hiccough, trembling sensation in the chest, Burning sensation of hands and feet, excessive thirst, dry cough, leanness, Enlargment of spleen and liver and several other complaints present in T.B. Improves strength, complexion and longevity.
  • Enriches sexual potency, Activity and pleasure.
  • Makes the muscles plumby and strong.
  • As a general Tonic it can be used with Aswagandhaadilehya and Draksharishta.
  • Also Useful in leucorrhoea for women, sterility and frequent abortions.
  • Removes severe pains during mensus and several other diseases.

Unit of packing : 1 g (10 doses)

Dosage : 1g = 10 doses.

  • One dose twice daily with Vasarista for asthma, cough, phthisis and blood Bile.
  • With Draksharista for anaemia, burning sensation in hands and feet And excessive heat.
  • With Chyavanaprasa for consumption due to Involuntary seminal discharge.
  • With Madeephalarasayana in jaundice.
  • The Juice of betel leaves for fevers causing saptadhatus.
  • Pardharista for heart Disease, distaste and loss of appetite.
  • With Butter and sugar candy for leanness.

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very good product. i refer this product as one of the best

very good product. i refer this product as one of the best.