Chandraprabhadivati (20g)

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1. Kachur, 2. Vacha, 3. Musta, 4. Nelavem, 5. Guduchi, 6. Devadaru, 7. Haridra, 8. Ativasa, 9. Daru Haridra, 10. Triphala, 11. Chavya, 12. Vidanga, 13. Gaja Pippali, 14. Trikatuka, 15. Hema Makshikabhasma, 16.Yavakshara, 17. Sajjakshara, 18. Saindhavalavana, 19. Souvarchalavana, 20. Bidalavana, 21. Pippalimoola, 22. Chitraka, 23. Dhania, 24. Trivrut, 25. Danti, 26. Tejapatra, 27. Dalchina, 28. Ela, 29. Banslochan, 30. Loha bhasma, 31. Sugar Candy, 32. Suddha Shilajit, 33. Suddha Guggul.

Indication :

Cures urinary disorders such as retention of urine, urinary calculi pain, prameha, irritation and pain while passing urine. Cures boils and abscess. Also useful in menstrual and seminal disorders. Cures piles. Works on pains also.

Unit of packing : 20 g (60 doses)

Dosage : 1g = 3 doses. Two tablets at a time thrice daily either with Saribadyasava or with Chandanasava for urinary disorders. For piles it is to be used with draksharishta / butter milk.

Other Names of the Product:

Chandraprabhadivati, Chandraprabha Vati

Based on doctor prescription I used for Piles and it has been some years now and all is well. The Piles did not come back. Thanks to VAN.

yes we are using since so many years, its very good and excellent product don't have any side effects,it cured my problem, he would like to gave five stars.

My mother used this product and it worked well.