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  1. Swarnabhasma (calcined gold)
  2. Rajatabhasma (calcined silver)
  3. Tankana (borax)
  4. Naga Kesara (mesuoa ferra)
  5. Lavang(caryophyllus aromaticus)
  6. Sounth (zingiber officinali)
  7. Ela (Elletaria cardamomum)
  8. Guduchisatva (tinospora cardifolia)
  9. Suddha Hingula(red sulphide of mercury)
  10. Nagabhasma (calcined lead)
  11. Vangabhasma (calcined tin)
  12. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa) (calcined mica)
  13. Sankhabhasma (calcined conch shells)
  14. Varatabhasma (calcined shells of cypraeamonata)
  15. Takkola (calyptranthes jambolana)


A boon to people suffering from periodical headache and other symptoms of deranged liver and spleen. A proven remedy for cluster headaches also. Improves disturbed mental condition and keeps the brain cool and calm. Removes distaste, anorexia, heart burn, vertigo, fainting and sleeplessness.

Unit of packing : 2g, 3g, 5g

Dosage : 1g = 5 doses. One Dose to be taken both morning and evening with Madeephalarasayana.

Other Names of the Product : Chandravarthirasa

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its a good product

acha hai product, main apne papa ke liye vk4diakon use kar raha hu par bhar bhar order karne ke liye bhahut expensive hai.

This is good. giving good relaxations.

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