Mahadrakshadikwatha Churna (50g)

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Indication : The best of all churna preparations. An aphrodisiac tonic useful in sterility in women, impotency and indigestion. Regular use of this medicine for a period of 4 months, like coffee, cures all uterine disorders and prepares the genitive organism for healthy pregnancy.

Unit of packing : 50g

Dosage : 2g to 3g. To be used with milk and sugar like coffee.

Other Names of the Product:

Mahadrakshadi Churna, Mahadrakshadi Churn, Mahadrakshadi Churnam, Mahadrakshadi Rasayanam, Maha Drakshadi Rasayana

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nice medicine its very good i am continuing.


am using your products since 2013. Good products


Its good but now he was using alternative medicine