Kamachudamanirasa (2g)

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A blessing of virility and verve to men.

Reproductive health of men is equally vital for conjugal bliss. Be it for celebrating the sensual pleasures or partnering the cause of procreation. And with the power of Kamachudamanirasa one is endowed with both as its potent formula offers effectively addresses to erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation while also enhancing the sperm count and motility.

Contains Pure Gold.


1. Swarnabhasma 2. Mouktikabhasma 3. Hema Makshikabhasma 4. Japathri (myristica fragrance) 5. Jatiphal (myristica fragrance) 6. Lavang (caryophyllus aromaticus) 7. Vangabhasma 8. Rajatabhasma 9. Dalchina (cinnamomumzeylanicum) 10. Ela (elletaria cardamomum) 11. Tejpatra (folia malabothy) 12. Naga Kesara (mesuod ferrea).

  • An aphrodisiac.
  • Removes sexual debility and impotency.
  • Increases semen, gives strength and potency for conjugal harmony.

Unit of packing : 2g

Dosage : 1 g = 4 doses. Twice daily with Madanakameswara lehya (or) Aswagandhaadilehya.

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