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Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula


Memory is a vital part of our life and life is deficient without it. Many times we encounter problems due to lack of memory leaving us frustrated. Though a common disorder it can lead to a medical condition in these days of fast paced lives characterized by improper nutrition, inadequate sleep /rest, stress etc.

VAN Ltd places special emphasis on mental health and on the crux that all physical imbalances start in the mind; fostering a healthy mind is at the forefront of all its formulations.


VAN Ltd’s Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya is one such product that nourishes the brain with essential nutrients, gives impetus to intellect and bestows vitality. It contains Bacopa monnieri (Saraswati Leaf), a steadfast traditional ingredient with scientifically proven ability to have a positive effect on one’s memory in just a matter of 3 months.


This specific formulation of VAN Ltd is manufactured using raw materials of a high order gathered from all around the country. In addition to being a powerful brain food, Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya also functions as a rejuvenator and helps reinforce immunity, so essential to ward off ill health.

Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya is fit for people of all ages. While amongst children, it’s proven to support memory, learning and perception, for the older and elderly it leads to improved comprehension & recollection; and delaying the onset of age related cognitive disorders. Prolonged usage is the key and it’s absolutely safe.
Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula

  • Helps to improve memory and power of thinking
  • Creates activeness and enthusiasm
  • Bestows strength and vitality
  • Puts off meha.
  • Helps to cure mental and psychotic disorders
  • An authoritative prescription for nervous disorders, convulsions and mental strain
  • An anti anxiety agent with adaptogenic properties.

Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya – More to Life..naturally


  • Brahmi (Leaf)
  • Vacha (Rhizome)
  • Sopu (Fruit)
  • Sounthi (Rhizome)
  • Aswagandha (Root)
  • Vidanga (Fruit)
  • Haridra (Rhizome)
  • Kachur (Rhizome)
  • Devadar (Ht. Wood)
  • Dalchina (Bark)
  • Ela (Seed)
  • Tejpatra (Leaf)
  • Cuss Cuss (Root)
  • Nagakesara (Fl. Bud)
  • Sariba (Root)
  • Kushta (Root)
  • Amla (Fruit)
  • Dhaniya (Fruit)
  • Vidari (Rhizome)
  • Harenuka (Seed)
  • Jeera (Fruit)
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Ghruta
  • Base

  • Dosage form : Semi Solid.

    Usage : 6g to 12g twice a day.

    Unit of Packing : 300g, 500g

    Note : Usage of this lehya for 5,6 months regularly for acheving good result.

    Not suitable for diabetics.

    Other Names of the Product: Brahmi Saraswati Lehyam, Saraswati Lehyam, Brahmi Saraswati Lehya

    good product. i have been using this product since my child hood. thanks to VAN.

    I have bought this product for my KIDS and they were not really interested for the first 2 days and from the 3rd day on wards they started asking to get the lehya to fed them. They really liked it.

    I have been using this product from my kids and i can see my kids not only liked it but at the same time they have been very sportive even after coming from the whole day school. Thanks VAN for such a wonderful product.