Swarnamalinivasantarasa (2g)

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Ingredients :
1. Swarnabhasma, 2. Mouktikabhasma, 3. Suddha Hingula, 4. Maricha
(piper nigrum), 5. Kaphari (zinci sulphidum).

Indication :
An infallible medicine for all cases of cough even in advanced stages of T.B.
Can be used for pregnant ladies in all cases of cough and fevers. For
lack of appetite it is to be administered with Madeephala-rasayana.

Unit of packing : 2 g

Dosage : 1 g = 5 doses One dose at a time both morning and evening with Dasamoolarista
for phlegm and fevers. Draksharista in consumption. Madeephalarasayana for pregnant women.

Other Names of the Product:
Swarna Malini Vasanta Rasa

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