Kantabhraka Sindura (10g)

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Indication : The combination of Kantaloha and Abhraka is more efficacious. It reduces excessive heat even from bones in the system. A good tonic and aphrodisiac. Gives strength, improves complexion, promotes sexual potency. It can be taken daily to prevent the effects of old age. Suits all constitutions in all climates.

Unit of packing : 10g

Dosage : 1g = 4 doses

  • 1. Add equal dose of jeera powder and use one dose at a time both morning and evening with sugar candy to remove numbness at any part of the body or all over the body.
  • 2. Use one dose morning and one in the evening with Madeephalarasayana for indigestion, vomiting and distaste. It promotes appetite, removes constipation.
  • 3. To be used with Chyavanaprasa or with Aswagandhadilehya and Draksharishta for vim and vigour.
  • 4. Prolonged usage of this medicine maintains cheerfulness to the body.

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Am a professional by Doctor and used these products. They are better than other branded ayurvedic companies.

we are using 6/7 types of medicines from van. its very good we r satisfied.