Bhrungamalaka Taila

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Indication :
  • Helps to cure headache and bestows comfortable sensation on the head, burning sensation of eyes.
  • Helps to cure dandruff
  • Hair drop can be controlled if used for four months or more.

  • Bhringraj (Leaf)
  • Amla (Fruit)
  • Kumari (Gum)
  • Kutki (Root)
  • Yasthimadhu (Root)
  • Kushta (Root)
  • Cuss Cuss (Root)
  • Chandan (Ht. Wood)
  • Musta(Tub. Root)
  • Jeera (seed)
  • Coconut Oil (Murchana)
  • Gingelly Oil (Murchana)
  • Water Lilly (Rhizome) juice
  • Curd

Dosage Form : Medicated Oil

Usage : To be applied gently on the head

Unit of packing : 100 ml, 200 ml

Other Names of the Product:
Bhringamalaka Taila, Bhringamalaka Thailam, Bhringamalaka Tailam

Ayurvedic Medicine (AFI PART 1)

good product. i have used it and recommend this to others as well

very nice one. Quick relief from head ache and helped me to remain cool. I will certainly refer this product as the best.

am using your products since 2013. Good products