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INGREDIENTS : 1. Suddha Parada, 2. SuddhaGandhaka, 3. Lohabhasma, 4. Trikatuka,
5. Pippalimoola, 6. Chitraka, 7. Lavang, 8. Souvarchalavana, 9. Suddha

INDICATION : Simple remedy for indigestion. Cures sula pains, flatulence, indigestion,
loss of appetite and diarrhoea caused by indigestion.

Unit of packing : 10g, 20g

Dosage : 1g = 3 doses One dose after meals twice daily with buttermilk added with rock salt.
Persons of heat constitution have to add equal quantity of paithyantakarasa
with this medicine. It is to be used with Ajamodarka in colic and flatulence

Other Names of the Product:
Kravyad Ras

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