Pradara Chintamani (12g)

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INGREDIENTS : 1. Ajasrungibhasma, 2. Laksha, 3. Pravalabhasma, 4. Resmiphalbhasma,
5. Suddha Gairika, 6. Amala Churna, 7. Dalchina, 8. Kaviri (catechu),
9. Babhulatwakbhasma (bark of acacia arabica), 10. Dadima bark.

INDICATION : It is a best remedy for leucorrhoea, menorrhagia which commonly attack
women. Cures pains during menstrual period and checks subsequent
foul discharges from uterus. Removes paleness of the complexion, nervous
postration, loss of appetite and similar ailments accompanying the above
disease. Removes pains in back and in pelvi.

Unit of packing : 12g

Dosage : One tablet twice a day To be used with Asokarista for speedy recovery.

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