Gandhakarasayana (100g)

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INGREDIENTS : 1. Pippali, 2. Pippalimoola, 3. Lavanga, 4. Naga Kesara, 5. Trikatuka,
6. Triphala, 7. Vayu Vidanga, (8) Purified Sulphur

INDICATION : Acts well on all skin diseases. Puts off mercurial effects. Cures itching
sensation, eruptions, tumors, spots, leprosy and fistula-in-Ano.

unit of packing : 100 g

DOSAGE : 3g = 1 dose
To be taken twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician.

Other Names of the Product :
Gandhaka Rasayana, Gandhak Rasayan

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it gave so good result, having good improvement.

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