Agnikumararasa (10g)

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INGREDIENTS : 1. Suddha Parada, 2. Suddha Gandhaka, 3. Tankana, 4. Suddha Nabhi,
5. Varatabhasma, 6. Sankhabhasma, 7. Maricha.

INDICATION : Cures indigestion, sula pains, fever, vomittings, diarrhoea caused by
indigestion. Prevents even mild cases of cholera.

Unit of packing : 10g

Dosage : 1g = 4 doses One dose at a time both morning and evening with betel leaf.
To be used with the decoction of Sounth in cases of indigestion.

Caution : To be used only under medical supervision.

Other Names of the Product: Agnikumararasam, Agnikumararasam Gulika

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