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Indication :

  • Helps to cure fever, dropsy, anemia, jaundice and prameha.
  • Helps to liquefies phlegm.
  • Helps to invigorate the lungs.

Ingredients :

Extraction of:

  • Draksha (Fruit)
  • Dalchina (Bark)
  • Ela (Seed)
  • Tejpatra (Leaf)
  • Nagakesara (Fl.bud)
  • Priyangu (Fruit)
  • Pippali (Fruit)
  • Maricha (Fruit)
  • Vidanga (Fruit)
  • Old jaggery

  • Dosage form : Liquid

    Usage : 15 ml of the medicine with equilant water twice a day.

    Unit of Packing : 200ml, 450ml

    Other Names of the Product: Draksharishtam, Draksharisht

    Ayurvedic Medicine (AFI Part1)

    Not suitable for diabetics.

    very good product

    Thank so much for sending me the medicine, received the courier and Happy with your Kind Service! Looking forward to order few more Medicines from you! Regards, Nageswar Rao!

    very good product