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Ingredients : 1. Swarnabhasma, 2. Suddha Hingula, 3. Lohabhasma, 4. Kantalohabhasma, 5. Mandurabhasma.

Indication : A special medicine for paraplegia. Can be used in partial paralysis, facial paralysis, tongue paralysis, brain paralysis etc. Gives normalcy to all effected areas. Controls tremors.

Unit of packing : 2 g (10 doses), 3 g (15 doses)

Dosage : 1g = 5 doses. To be taken twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician

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I used it for hand tremors along with rasaraja rasam and ashwagandharista as advised. Worked well and tremors or gone in a months time. God bless the good old chintaluru pharmacy for the service. Thank you,