Pravala Bhasma (5g)

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INDICATION : Useful in phthisis and cough. Reduces phlegm. Alternative tonic.

Unit of packing : 5g

Dosage : 1g = 4 doses
1. Add equal quantity of the powder of lavang and dalchina. Use one
dose in the morning and one in the evening with the juice of betel
2. Add euqal quantity of the powder of pippali and use with honey for
cough with phlegm.
3. Use with the juice of ajwan for indigestion and sula pains.
Patients suffering from phthisis can use this medicine alongwith pan supari
instead of churna.

Other Names of the Product:
Praval Bhasma, Pravala bhasmam, Praval Pishti, Prawal Pishti