Vyadhiharanarasa (3g)

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Ingredients :
1. Suddha parada 2. Suddha gandhaka 3. Rasa karpur

Indication :
* Specially useful for syphilis.
* Purifies blood.
* Removes patches on skin Etc., due to venerials.
* Can be used by women for lucorrohea due to Chronic venerials.

Unit of packing : 3 g

Dosage : 1 g = 4 doses. One dose twice daily.
* To be used with madhusnuhirasayana and saribadyasava (or)
Khadirarishta for men and with asokarista for women.

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good product. We used it

we are using 6/7 types of medicines from van. its very good we r satisfied.

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