Arthritis (Intense pains) 1 month Pack for Non Diabetics

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Recommended Combination by VAN for Arthritis patients (100% No Side Effects)

ARTHOPT HRX : Acts on knee joint pains due to cartilage deficiency. Controls triglycerides and cholesterol.

DOSAGE : One tablet twice a day (or) as directed by the Physician.

Bruhadhwata Chintamani : Very effective in paralysis, pains in joints, and back pain.Useful in all vata ailments and rheumatism.

DOSAGE : One tablet twice daily, once in the morning after breakfast and evening between 5-­7pm.

KANCHANAR GUGGUL : Acts on Thyroid, Kushta, Fistula in ano & filariasis.

DOSAGE : One tablet twice a day

Pravala Panchamruta Bhasma : A well tested remedy in calcium deficiency.

DOSAGE : With 20 min gap after taking Bruhadhwata Chintamani in the evening and one to be taken in the night before meals.

Narayana Taila : Useful in pains in joints.

DOSAGE : To be applied externally (at the regions of pain) twice daily and wait for at least 15 min before taking a shower.

L-Mitra : Relieves general pains in body.

DOSAGE : 2 tabs before bedtime.

Rajatachandrodaya : Useful for intense arthritic pains

DOSAGE : 2 tabs in the morning after breakfast and 2 tabs in the evening between 5-­?7pm (1hr after taking Bruhadhwata Chintamani tabs).

Soubhagyasounthi : Useful for women after delivery, Removes post pregnancy weakness, Accorded as a great tonic to purperal women and Cures sciatica, osteoporosis

DOSAGE : One and half tea spoon twice a day followed by a glass of milk.

Product Name Dosage Pack
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ARTHOPT HRX One tablet twice a day 30 tabs 1390 2 2780
Bruhadhwata Chintamani One tablet twice a day 30 tabs 2980 2 5960
KANCHANAR GUGGUL One tablet twice a day 60 tabs 110 1 110
Pravala Panchamruta Bhasma One tablet twice a day 30 tabs 735 2 1470
Narayana Taila Can be used for massage over the body 200 ml 465 2 930
L-Mitra Two tablet twice a day 90 tabs 310 2 620
Soubhagyasounthi One and half tea spoon twice a day 500 gms 515 1 515
Total 12385

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