Hemasundararasa(swarnavangam) (5g)

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Ingredients :
1. Suddha Vanga, 2. Suddha Parada, 3. Suddha Gandhaka, 4. Navasara (Ammonium Chloride),
5. Soorekaram (Nitrate of Potash), 6. Patika (Alum).

Indication :
Useful for chronic gannorrohea, spermatorrohea, all pramehas, lucorrohea,
vomitting, distaste, numbness, tongue and throat effections etc. A blood
purifier and a stress reliever.

Unit of packing : 5 g

Dosage : 1 g = 4 doses

To be used twice daily with : Rice water and honey for white discharge. With Chandanasava for
Gannorrohea. With Madeephalarasayana for distaste and vomitting. With
Draksharista for over heat and stress. With butter and sugar for meha and

Other Names of the Product:
Hemasundararasa, Hema Sundara Rasa

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we are using 6/7 types of medicines from van. its very good we r satisfied.

I have used Hemasundararasa(swarnavangam), medicine and i can see my skin disease problem gradually decreases. medicines are working fine and am satisfied with VAN products.