Gudapippali (30g)

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Ingredients : 1. Vidanga, 2. Trikatuka, 3. Kushta, 4. Hing, 5. Panchalavana, 6. Tri Kshara, 7. Sea foam, 8. Chitraka, 9. Gajapippali, 10. Black Jeera, 11. Tala Jatakshara.

Indication : Useful for children. Cures enlargement of liver and spleen, enlargement of the abdomen, chronic fever, dropsy and cough. Useful for elders also.

Unit of packing : 30g

Dosage : 10g = 4 doses for elders ; 10g = 10 dose for children

One dose twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician.

Other Names of the Product:

Guda Pippali

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