Soolakutharam (10g)

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1. Cowries 2. Ajowan 3. Sea salt 4. Bark of tamarind tree


* Specific for every kind of soola pain born of indigestion.
* Cures Parinamasula in the abdomen and sula pains which occur after
* Patients who are vexed with frequent use of sodium bicarbonate can
safely rely on this medicine.
* Very useful in gastric pains, peptic ulcers and acidity.

Unit of packing: 10g

Dosage: 10g = 13 doses. To be used one dose at a time twice or
thrice a day with thin buttermilk or with the juice of orange fruit,
preferably after meals.
It is also to be used with Ajamodarka in colic and common pains in
abdomen due to indigestion.

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