VK4 Diacon


I am using VK4 Diacon from last few months. Very good product. I give 5 stars.
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I am using VK4 Diacon since few months now. I have particularly purchased this medicine to heal my palm pains and to control diabetes. And VK4 Diacon gave me the desired results. Thank you....
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i have treated many patients for uncontrolled diabetes. Recently i had a case where she is a diabetic since 1 year. luckily she got good results in first visit with 137mg/dl. Later on she was unable to control her food habits. She couldn't maintain diet chart for diabetis. Unfortunately her ppbs raised to 490mg/dl. Later on i added VK4 Diacon new it has come down to 205mg/dl in a week course. I appreciate the medicine VK4Diacon for this....
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very nice product. Got good results.
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After using Vk4 diacon my diabetic levels are under control. Its a good product for diabetes patients....
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