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An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Composition (each tablet contains):

  • Kuberakshi (seed) 47.86mg
  • Sounthi (rhizome) 47.86mg
  • Saindhavalavana (salt) 47.86mg
  • Pippali (fruit) 47.86mg
  • Maricha (fruit) 47.86mg
  • Lasuna (garlic) 47.86mg
  • Shankhabhasma 47.86mg
  • Base q.s.

Indication: Helps to cure severe pain occurring during menstruation (Menses cycle). It is a proven remedy for this ailment according to the scientific evaluation study. Also helpful in infertility.

Unit Of Packing: 20 Tablets. Each tablet contains 335 mg.

Dosage: Two tablets at a time twice a day with water for five days during Menses cycle.

Our product Rutusoolasamhari is improved according to scientific study and modified with additional combination for quicker results as FEMFREE (F.F.)

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