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The perfect solution to restore and nourish the liver is VAN’s L-Mitra, a formulation specifically designed to shield the liver and serve as a multi-function supplement to regularize disorders in the body originating out of liver imbalances.

Regular usage of L-Mitra will keep one infection free and immune to the detrimental effects of today’s polluted environmental conditions and lifestyle.

Proven industry claim : A reputed Central Government research institute has analyzed L-Mitra and the findings are as follows.

Kapha prakrithi of the medicine is Tri Dosha hara, Kapha Pitta hara. It has an excellent antioxidant indicating srothoshodhaka (channel cleansing) property mildly. Having action on Pachaka, ranjaka and sadhaka pitta. It is medicine acting on Pleeha and yakrit as per Ayurveda. One can consider this as an action on Spleen, gall bladder and liver. It has rasayana property and acts on Avalambaka (property and Rasayana – Immunomodulatory. Acts well on Pitta disorders due to its action on Pleha and Yakrit. It has srotoshodhaka (Detoxifying) property in tarpaka and sleshaka kapha and is useful on Kamala. Having a mild shrotoshodhaka property it will be acting on srotavarodha (channel obstructions) mild) Bodhaka, tarpaka and sleshaka (mild) kapha.


  • Vidanga (Fruit)
  • Sounthi (Rhizome)
  • Pippali (Fr. Spike)
  • Maricha (Fruit)
  • Suddha Hing
  • Pancha Lavana
  • Chitrika
  • Gaja Pippali
  • Krishana Jeera
  • Talajatakshara
  • Kushmandanala Bhasma
  • Apamarga


  • Works on all liver disorders
  • Thyroid
  • Partly on Parkinson
  • Balances / Neutralize Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha diseases)
  • Cleanses the bowel
  • Relieves general pains in body
  • Discharges excess water in the body
  • Improves appetite
  • Eradicates worms in intestines
  • Corrects any kind of irregularities of any glands in the body
  • An ayurvedic equivalent of the multivitamin

Unit of packing: 90 Tablets.

Dosage: Two tablets twice a day with water

What’s more: L-Mitra in combination with Vedaswa (an anti-stress herbal formula) brings together a potent blend to fight disease.

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Simply perfect. It delivers what it says. Very useful product.

good product.

good product

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