Abhrakapanchamrutarasa (5g)

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Ingredients :

1. Nagabhasma, 2. Silajit Bhasma, 3. Vangabhasma, 4. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa), 5. Saffron, 6. Kantalohabhasma, 7. Camphor (refined), 8. Borax, 9. Hema Makshikabhasma, 10. Rasa Sindura.

Indication :

More useful for delicate constitutions and bilious bodies. Can be used by pregnant women. Reduces heat and dry cough, removes laziness and disinclination to work. Creates mental peace and cools the system.Thickens and increases semen and prevents its unnatural emissions and discharges. Very useful for women. Gives nourishment to baby in pregnancy.

Unit of packing : 5 g (20 doses)

Dosage : 1g = 4 doses. To be taken twice daily with butter and sugar candy / Draksharista. Along with Madeephalarasayana is more efficacious for pregnant women.

Other Names of the Product:

Abhrakapanchamrutarasa, Abhrak Panchamrit Rasa

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