Vaikrantabaddaras (5g)

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INGREDIENTS : 1. Pravalabhasma, 2. Abhrakabhasma (sataputa), 3. Vaikranta bhasma,
4. Rajatabhasma, 5. Kantalohabhasma, 6. Rasa Sindura.

INDICATION : For cough and hard breathing, dry cough. Heaviness in heart, vertigo,
hiccough, over thirst (vidaha).

Unit of packing : 5g

Dosage : 1 g = 4 doses To be used morning and evening, adding equal quantity of sitopaladi
churna with honey for cough and hard breathing and dry cough etc. Can be used with chyavanaprasa.
To be taken twice daily with Draksharista for weakness
and bloodlessness. With the decoction of yestimadhu for over thirst.

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According to the constitution of the body, diet follow-up is essential for health and longevity. Every patient should observe precautions in diet the time of usage of the medicine to avoid aggravation and to obtain speedy results.

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