Diabetes Type 2 Option 2

Ayurveda Medicines for Diabetes Type 2

Recommended Combination by VAN for Diabetes Type 2 patients (100% No Side Effects)

VK4 Diacon : Acts on weakness caused by diabetes. Helps to control excess blood sugar.

DOSAGE : 3 times a day with water at your convenience.

Kaisora Guggul : Useful in Diabetes Type-2

DOSAGE : One tablet twice a day after food.

If Erectile dysfunction occurs in diabetic patients with bad habits, it is advised to give up those habits or contact us for doctors suggestion for further assistance.

* All diabetic patients are advised to make use of our supplements in addition to the allopathy regimen, this is not a substitute to the allopathy regimen.



Ingredients : 1. Triphala 2. Guduchi 3. Guggul mahisakshi 4. Trikatuka 5. Vidanga 6. Danti 7. Trivrit. Indication: A trusted remedy for... more info
VK4 Diacon

VK4 Diacon

VK4 Diacon: The First Choice across the Globe VK4 Diacon is a formulation discovered and honed to perfection in the true traditions of Ayurveda. The... more info

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