Bronchitis - Lung Care 1 month pack for non diabetic patients

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BRONFree One tablet twice a day with water. 30 tabs 1010 2 2020
Chyavanaprasa Lehya One and half tea spoon twice a day.For adults 6g to 12g. It is to be chewed, swallowed both morning and evening followed by a cup of milk. 500g 435 1 435
Draksharishta 4 tea spoons with equal quantity of water twice a day. 450 ml 290 3 870
Mahalakshmivilasarasa 1g = 5 doses. To be used with honey twice a day (morning and evening). For speedy recovery it is advised to administer along with Chyavanaprasa and Vasarishta or as directed by the physician. 3g 745 4 2980
Mouktika Bhasma 1g = 10 doses.Use one dose in the morning and one in the evening or os directed by the physician 2g 155 3 465
Vasarishta To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals. 450 ml 210 1 210
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