Ayurveda Medicines for Pulmonary Diseases

Recommended Combination by VAN for Pulmonary Diseases (100% No Side Effects)

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Bronfree : Acts on bronchial disorders. Proven remedy for allergic bronchitis in particular.

DOSAGE : One tablet a day twice daily after breakfast and in the evening.

Vasarishta ( only for non diabetics ) : A trusted remedy for bronchial disorders, synacities, coughs produced in Heart effections, dropsy and blood bile.

DOSAGE : Twice daily after food - 4 spoons of syrup diluted with equal amount of water to be taken after food.

Chyavanaprasa ( only for non diabetics ) : A great Nerve tonic. Invigourates lungs, relieves stress and strain, slows ageing Process and keeps one fresh and youthful.

DOSAGE:1.5 teaspoon to be used twice daily after BronFree.

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Swarnabhrakasindura : Useful in Asthma.

DOSAGE : 1g = 10 doses. One dose twice daily with Vasarista.

Mahalakshmivilasarasa : Highly recommended for Asthma.

DOSAGE : 1g = 5 doses. To be used with honey twice a day (morning and evening). For speedy recovery it is advised to administer along with Chyavanaprasa and Vasarishta or as directed by the physician.

Lohasava : Cures asthma.

DOSAGE : To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals.

Hemamrutharasa : Very useful in Asthma.

DOSAGE : To be used twice daily with Chyavanaprasa or with Pardharista mixed with Draksharista / Vasarishta (or) as directed by the physician.

Sithopaladichurna : Useful in Asthma.

DOSAGE : 2g to 3g. To be used with sugar candy twice daily.

BRONFree : Acts on bronchial disorders.

DOSAGE : One tablet twice a day with water.

For better results use this ayurvedic medication for a minimum period of 2 months.