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  • Cures skin diseases especially of venereal poison and carbuncles.
  • Purifies the blood.
  • Removes mercurial effects in the system.

Unit of packing : 450ml.

Dosage : To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10 ml dosage after meals.

Other Names of the Product:

Saribadyasava, Saribadyasavam, Sarivadya Asava, Sarivadyasava

I have used Saribadyasava medicines and i can see my skin disease problem gradually decreases. medicines are working fine and am satisfied with VAN products.

product is so good I would like to gave 4 star rating.

Excellent service. I have used many english medicines from last 2 years hair falling not controlled. But am using your ayurvedic medicines i saw the result within 10 days. Present no hairfall. Thank you again for your excellent service. Am feeling happy now.