Heart Disease

Ayurveda Medicines for Heart Disease

Heart disease is a diagnosis used to describe a variety of different illnesses and diseases that affect the heart. Some heart diseases may affect the blood vessels as well. Some ailments that often fall under the term of heart disease include those that a person is born with, like congenital heart disease.A person who has a variety of different conditions that may include blocked or narrowed blood vessels is sometimes referred to as having a cardiovascular disease.

Draksharishta : Gives strength to diseased and weakned heart. Improves the muscular system. A good tonic.

DOSAGE : To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals.

Swarnabhrakasindura : Useful for heart disease, trembling sensation in the heart. Gives new life, vigour and vitality.

DOSAGE : 1g = 10 doses. One dose twice daily with Pardharista.

Yogendrarasa : Gives strength to nerves, heart and brain. A great nervine tonic in Ayurveda.

DOSAGE : 1 g = 5 doses. One dose twice daily with juice of dry grapes (or) Draksharishta (or) with milk added with sugar candy.

Poornachandrodaya : A great general tonic. Prevents heart weakness.

DOSAGE : 1g = 5 doses. To be taken twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician.

Siddhamakaradhwaja : A great nervine tonic. Strengthens heart, lungs and nerves.

DOSAGE : 1g = 10 doses. To be taken twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician.

Vaikrantabaddaras : For cough and hard breathing, dry cough. Heaviness in heart, vertigo, hiccough, over thirst (vidaha).

DOSAGE : 1 g = 4 doses To be used morning and evening

Poornachandrodaya Tablets: A very Good tonic. Prevents spermatorrhea, nervousness, weakness, heart weakness and palpitation.

DOSAGE : One tablet per day after breakfast.

Sidhamakaradhwaja Tablets: A great nervine tonic, enriches memory, Sexual potency, imparts vigour to total body.

DOSAGE : One tablet twice daily at your convenience.

Pardharishta : A specific for heart disease, palpitation etc.

DOSAGE : To be taken with equal quantity of water in 10ml dosage after meals

Hemamrutharasa : Very useful in a variety of heart diseases, asthma, palpitation, cardiac arrythmias (rythm changes of the heart)

DOSAGE : 1 g = 5 doses. To be used twice daily with Chyavanaprasa or with Pardharista mixed with Draksharista / Vasarishta (or) as directed by the physician.

For better results use this ayurvedic medication for a minimum period of 3 months.


According to the constitution of the body, diet follow-up is essential for health and longevity. Every patient should observe precautions in diet the time of usage of the medicine to avoid aggravation and to obtain speedy results.

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Instruction to patients / visitors:

If you are suffering with moderate and chronic ailments requesting you to send us patient's recent complete blood picture (CBP with Lipid profile) for accurate prescription.

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