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A unisex remedy for all age groups, Sidhamakaradhwaja is an excellent medicine teeming with a host of health benefits. It’s a nervine tonic that can soothe your mind besides enriching your memory. It’s a great blood purifier that can also cure anemia arising out of chronic fever and general debility. Apart from adding strength to heart, lungs and nerves it’s a great sexual medicine that enhances sexual potency. In short, it imparts vigor to your whole body while ushering vitality into your life.

Note: It can be prescribed for pregnant ladies and children also.

Ingredients:1. Swarnabhasma 2. Suddha parada 3. Suddha gandhaka.

  • To be used by both men and women of all age groups.
  • Can be prescribed for pregnant ladies and children also.
  • A great nervine tonic, enriches memory, Sexual potency, imparts
    vigour to total body.
  • A good blood purifier, also cures anaemia due to chronic fever and
    general debility.
  • Strengthens Heart, lungs and nerves.

Unit of packing: 1g (10 doses), 2g (20 doses)

Dosage: 1g = 10 doses.* To be taken twice daily with honey (or) as directed by the physician.

Other Names of the Product:

Siddha Makardhwaj, Makardhwaj Tablets, Makardhwaj Vati, Makardhwaja Vati, Siddha Makardhwaj Vati, Siddha Makardhwaj Guti, Siddha Makardhwaj Gutika, Makardhwaj Gutika, Sidh Makardhwaj

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According to the constitution of the body, diet follow-up is essential for health and longevity. Every patient should observe precautions in diet the time of usage of the medicine to avoid aggravation and to obtain speedy results.

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very good product. Delivered what it says.


good product. i have used it and recommend this to others as well


Medicine was good, I am satisfied