Diabetes Type 2 Option 2

Ayurveda Medicines for Diabetes Type 2

Recommended Combination by VAN for Diabetes Type 2 patients (100% No Side Effects)

VK4 Diacon : Acts on weakness caused by diabetes. Helps to control excess blood sugar.

DOSAGE : 3 times a day with water at your convenience.

Kaisora Guggul : Useful in Diabetes Type-2

DOSAGE : One tablet twice a day after food.

If Erectile dysfunction occurs in diabetic patients with bad habits, it is advised to give up those habits or contact us for doctors suggestion for further assistance.

* All diabetic patients are advised to make use of our supplements in addition to the allopathy regimen, this is not a substitute to the allopathy regimen.



Ingredients : 1. Triphala 2. Guduchi 3. Guggul mahisakshi 4. Trikatuka 5. Vidanga 6. Danti 7. Trivrit. Indication: A trusted remedy for... more info
VK4 Diacon

VK4 Diacon

Vk4 Diacon (Use this product regularly and find the difference) Diabetes Control or Prevention… You win over it both ways with Vk4 Diacon. Are... more info

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