Brahmi Saraswathi lehya

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* It helps to improve memory and power of thinking.
* Creates activeness and enthusiasm.
* Bestows strength and vitality.
* Puts off meha.
* Helps to cure mental and psychotic disorders.
* An authoritative prescription for Nervous disorders, convulsions and
mental strain.
* An anti anxiety agent with adaptogenic properties.
* Helpful in Strengthening the Heart muscle or keeps the Heart healthy.
* Helps in alleviating the Arthritis Pains.

Unit of packing: 300g, 500g

Dosage: 6g to 12g To be taken both morning and evening.

Other Names of the Product:
Brahmi Saraswati Lehyam, Saraswati Lehyam, Brahmi Saraswati Lehya

by Siv********ar

good product. i have been using this product since my child hood. thanks to VAN.

by Raj*******al

I have bought this product for my KIDS and they were not really interested for the first 2 days and from the 3rd day on wards they started asking to get the lehya to fed them. They really liked it.

by JAG****************GU

I have been using this product from my kids and i can see my kids not only liked it but at the same time they have been very sportive even after coming from the whole day school. Thanks VAN for such a wonderful product.