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Great Start, Stay Smart.

VAN’s Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya is a rejuvenator, a vitalizer that promotes both physical & mental well-being of your child. Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya has the right ingredients & nutrients that keep your child alert, active and energetic. Sharpening memory and reflexes, it also promotes concentration and focus. Keeping anxiety, stress, strain and ailments at bay, it builds strength from within, making your child a winner all the way.

Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya is priceless for your child.

The power of VAN Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya

* Improves memory and power of thinking.
* Promotes activeness and enthusiasm.
* Bestows strength & vitality.
* Puts off Meha.
* Alleviates mental and psychotic disorders.
* Treats nervous disorders, convulsions and mental strain.
* Anti-anxiety properties.
* Strengthens the Heart.
* Alleviates Arthritis pains.

Brahmi Saraswathi Lehya - More Of life; A Headstart for Every Day

Unit of packing: 300g, 500g

Dosage: 6g to 12g To be taken both morning and evening.

Other Names of the Product:
Brahmi Saraswati Lehyam, Saraswati Lehyam, Brahmi Saraswati Lehya

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by Siv********ar

good product. i have been using this product since my child hood. thanks to VAN.

by Raj*******al

I have bought this product for my KIDS and they were not really interested for the first 2 days and from the 3rd day on wards they started asking to get the lehya to fed them. They really liked it.

by JAG****************GU

I have been using this product from my kids and i can see my kids not only liked it but at the same time they have been very sportive even after coming from the whole day school. Thanks VAN for such a wonderful product.